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unban applea
Started by Jai4150h

Your in-game name:


Were you banned on Discord or in-game? State here if you're banned on Discord or in-game. 

-in game

Why were you banned? Write here the reason stated by the admin.

-Grief and stealing loot

Who banned you?:


Why should you be unbanned?: 

-false report by friends

Do you feel innocent? If so, please post screenshots or videos that prove that you're innocent:


Here are my reasons of why i dont want him to be unbanned.

So: yesterday i was farming peacefully at my base and he asked me to tp to him....he wanted to pvp. I said no and then he started stealing me xp and emeralds then he tryed to kill me using custom enchants and then managed to grief my house a bit, he also tried to flood the landscape around the farm by placing tons of random blocks.
Futhermore, i add that during his harassment he presented himself as admin to partially justify him self, he personificated the role of admin, indirectly insulting the role and who is currently holder of that. Plus he his guilty of a very severe grief against Xaf, happened during that small period of time when, due to latest survival restart, all claims were gone; he did this claiming that Xaf griefed the base of a friend of his friend( ask xaf, not me, for futher dettails).




So ,i think 15 days ago , one of my friends "paaglayat or Steve" had a fight with jai(i don't know what exactly happened but all i know is that it was a revenge for animeboy , and what happened to SilverGirl94 is true , she was harassed by him , and about my house , it was destroyed when I didn't have the slightest idea about the griefing cause i was offline, and paaglayat sent me a message at 4 am when i was asleep, so that what happened,

btw it was  steve and he said it 'his base'
no griefs done no loot taken.
its not called harsment to use your xp farm when u are 'AFK' 
she started saying 'Get reported nerd' this is called harsment
and I got banned 3 times for the same reason first by Evut12 a timout or kick
MOFIX a 24 hour ban and
Prism3 a 15 days ban
when I was afk pushing me into mob farm is not peacefull

and idk how is xaf
he was not there at the time 
he just joined and reported
and he cursed
btw paaglayat is my best friend 
if your are going to check my chat log that was not there base and the base was already 'raided'
getting baned by report of 2 fake person does not feel good
I will tell everyone online at that time to react to the post 's'
paaglayat sent me a message at 4 am when i was asleep, so that what happened
he can online 'very' late
and getting targeted is also not fun


no rules against raid


Hello there,


As mentioned above, you have accumulated enough actions to be disserved such a ban period [ 15 days ].

But if you apologize to SilverGirl94 about what have came from you and she accepts it, then your ban period will be changed to [ 5 days ].

Best Regards,

Thank you,
I am sorry to use your xp farm which u think is harasment(and asked u for pvp btw custom enchant cant hit u while u have turned off pvp)
You check my chat log that was my diamond blocks my claim blocks didnt reach the lasts row that had mine diamond blocks
please check and react
i think so 3 days of ban is already over.(i think 5-2 ban will be okay because i was kind of adicted lol)

also jai4150h,did u know that steve and paaglayat are the same person or am i a bit drunk


listen buddy....u harassed me only because i didnt wanted to pvp u, i wasnt afk at all, i was there speaking with u while u first asked if it was a farm, then said u wanted to steal exp or anything, then u started using custom enchants to try and damage me, then u started plaicing tons of wooden blocks around the farm and my house, then attempting to grief me u managed to do a hole in my house because claim was messed up, then u proclaimed yourself staff. Basically u did al this mess.....for a dumb reason, me not willing to pvp u. If i really have to be mercyfull i can tell to lower at 10 days in total of ban...but what u did was SUPER annoying...and for a SUPER dumb reason, and i remember clearly u more than determined to: kill me, steal my farm and grief my house


Your ban period has been adjust to 3 days from this post.


We hope that you do not repeat the actions that have had happened!

Best Regards,