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With the new FFA re-map, new in-game rewards and maps are yet to be found!
11 months ago
Game Update - June 2023   - Vote Crate - Description: The Vote Crate is now available! Cast your votes and earn exclusive rewards. Don't miss out on this opportunity to get special items.   - Legendary Crate - Description: Introducing the Legendary Crate! Open it for a chance to obtain powerful and rare items that will enhance your gameplay.   - Spawner Crate - Description: The Spawner Crate is here! Unlock it to acquire spawners that will enable you to create and control mobs in your world.   - Mythical Crate - Description: Explore the Mythical Crate! Discover legendary artifacts and enchanted treasures that will grant you extraordinary abilities.   - Rare Crate - Description: Don't miss the Rare Crate! Open it for a chance to obtain elusive items that are sought after by collectors and adventurers.  
11 months ago
Ban Appeal   What's your in-game name? Discord ID? .... / ....   Who Banned you? ....   When you got Banned? ....   What's the given Reason? ....   Provide a Picture of the Ban Screen.
over 2 years ago
Suggestion   What's your in-game name? Discord ID? .... / ....   In which Game-Mode? ....   Reason? ....   Describe your Suggestion ....
over 2 years ago
Bug Report   What's your in-game name? Discord ID? .... / ....   In which Game-mode? ....   A Brief Description of the Bug / Exploit? ....   How to reproduce? ....   Picture / Video [ if existed ]
over 2 years ago